Install XHProf for PHP5 on Centos, Ubuntu and Debian

XHProf is a PHP profiling tool that was develop by and for Facebook. It's fast and very efficient. It has a small footprint and can be used in production environments.

Parsing large XML files with PHP

Parsing a 250Mb XML file with around 25 000 "items" with PHP's XML parsers isn't easy. I'll provide a solution, but will also discuss the core problem.

The huge list of sci-fi books

This is a list of Science Fiction books with classic and not so classy science fiction books I read and books that I should read.

Quick install of XHProf for Debian Squeeze

XHProf is PHP profiler that was originally made by facebook for profiling in production environment, and I actually thinks it's way better than the Xdebug and webgrind combination.

Customize TinyMCE for SilverStripe CMS

DISCLAIMER: This doesn't work as you would expect it in SilverStripe 3.*. The reason is that the configuration is chucked as an inline javascript into the bottom of the DOM of the CMS. The individual settings aren't reloaded unless doing a full page reload.

Finding LDAP nested group membership in PHP

I found the solution to the question: "Are a user member of group in a Microsoft LDAP directory tree?". This can be a bit tricky if the user does not have an direct relationship to that group.



This is a javascript / html5 canvas project where I created some basic AI steering behavior. The project is currently on hold, but I have a ton of ideas on what to improve and add.

Image entropy cropping

I started this project because I wanted to explore a better way to automatically crop images. I'm really happy that I have got some collaborators that added face detect and helping out fixing bugs.

About me

Stig Lindqvist is currently working as a Developer Manager at SilverStripe ltd in Wellington, New Zealand.

When not spending time in front of a keyboard he reads SciFi books, upping his DJ skills and starting to many projects that never gets finished.