Beyond Agile - Programmer Anarchy

I've seen this type of programmer manifesto before, and I think it's a thing that a "good" team does naturally. But to be able to follow any "agile" manifesto, the team would have to be an experienced, small and have a good track record showing that they can produce quality software without being managed.

Installing ruby 2.0 on Debian Wheezy

You will need at least have the build-essential package installed. But if all dependencies are met, you can hand build ruby 2.0 like this:

Yet another migration

php upgrade

I've done some minor updates to this site and migrated, for maybe the

Dependency injection in SilverStripe

silverstripe design patterns

A couple of weeks ago I did a talk at the Wellington SilverStripe meetup about dependency injection.

The huge list of sci-fi books

book sci-fi

I'm currently transfering the content of this page to this page The huge list of sci-fi books

Links to game dev resources

game programming

This is a list of resources that I was reading while I was coding my "ants" project. It contains some math, AI, gravity and path finding articles.

Chili sauce for slow cooking


This is a great sauce for slow cooked chicken and I think that it would be great for a texas beef chili as well.

Customize TinyMCE for SilverStripe CMS


DISCLAIMER: This doesn't work as you would expect it in SilverStripe 3.*.

PHP Mergesort


This is an example of a method that sorts an array in a stable way.

My thoughts on bread


I grew up in a family where there always were some homemade pastries, buns and bread in the freezer and the pantry. I used to steal cinnamon buns from the freezer and hide the evidence around the house. Frozen buns are still a delicacy for me.

About me

My name is Stig Lindqvist and I'm currently working as a Developer at SilverStripe ltd in Wellington, New Zealand.

When not coding for work of fun I read a lot Sci-Fi books and start too many projects that never gets finished.