Beyond Agile - Programmer Anarchy

I've seen this type of programmer manifesto before, and I think it's a thing that a "good" team does naturally. But to be able to follow any "agile" manifesto, the team would have to be an experienced, small and have a good track record showing that they can produce quality software without being managed.

Installing ruby 2.0 on Debian Wheezy

You will need at least have the build-essential package installed. But if all dependencies are met, you can hand build ruby 2.0 like this:

Yet another migration

php upgrade

I've done some minor updates to this site and migrated, for maybe the

Dependency injection in SilverStripe

silverstripe design patterns

A couple of weeks ago I did a talk at the Wellington SilverStripe meetup about dependency injection.

The huge list of sci-fi books

book sci-fi

I'm currently transfering the content of this page to this page The huge list of sci-fi books

Links to game dev resources

game programming

This is a list of resources that I was reading while I was coding my "ants" project. It contains some math, AI, gravity and path finding articles.

Chili sauce for slow cooking


This is a great sauce for slow cooked chicken and I think that it would be great for a texas beef chili as well.

Customize TinyMCE for SilverStripe CMS


DISCLAIMER: This doesn't work as you would expect it in SilverStripe 3.*.

PHP Mergesort


This is an example of a method that sorts an array in a stable way.

My thoughts on bread


I grew up in a family where there always were some homemade pastries, buns and bread in the freezer and the pantry. I used to steal cinnamon buns from the freezer and hide the evidence around the house. Frozen buns are still a delicacy for me.

DVD regions must die


In my naivety I bought the first season of Spin City from Amazon-dot-com. What I should I thought before I pressed the buy button was: "O gee, I shouldn't do this, because US of A is in another DVD region."

Finding LDAP nested group membership in PHP

php ldap

I found the solution to the question: "Are a user member of group in a Microsoft LDAP directory tree?". This can be a bit tricky if the user does not have an direct relationship to that group.

Removing SilverStripe tmpdb's


I did miss this little pearl that was supplied from Will Rossiter that I've missed even though I've been working with the SilverStripe for a couple of years now.

Fluffy scones


Who doesn't love scones? I for sure do. These scones are fluffier than the average and taste a little bit better.

Securing this website

This site is secured by SSL. This means that it should be safe from anyone snooping and/or changing the conversation between your browser and the server this site is served from (unless you ignored any ssl warnings).

Parsing large XML files with PHP

Parsing a 250Mb XML file with around 25 000 "items" with PHP's XML parsers isn't easy. I'll provide a solution, but will also discuss the core problem.

Ruth Reichl's Better Pancakes


These pancakes are really, really good. They are a perfect blend between the fat american pancakes and the thin swedish ones.

The evolution of car sizes


Recently I've been re-watching some of the old Pink Panther movies with Peter Sellers. The movies are made in the 60 - 70's and staged in Europe. What struck me is that the cars are so small. In one shot I saw the cars going around the Champs-Élysées and they were small.

Midsummer in New Zealand

Back In the motherland, Sweden, it's currently the most holy of weekends; midsummer. At the same time it's midwinter here in New Zealand, but at least there is no snow.

Lazy sunday

Today I haven't done much. Fiddling a bit with my blog software and watched

Quiz night

It's that time in the week when 'A foreign affair' goes to the quiz-night at the Grands. We usually ends up at the bottom half in the results. This might be the result of the lack of knowledge we have in things not categorized in either technology, movies or music.

Take my money HBO


The weather was so horrible tonight that we stayed in and watched a rented DVD - The Three Musketeers from 1993. Surprisingly, we wasn't forced to see a bunch of "You Wouldn't Steal a Car" warnings. It was a simpler time, but maybe not a better time.

American pancakes


These are typically the pancakes we make on lazy sunday mornings.

Install XHProf for PHP5 on Centos, Ubuntu and Debian

php centos debian xhprof ubuntu

XHProf is a PHP profiling tool that was develop by and for Facebook. It's fast and very efficient. It has a small footprint and can be used in production environments.

Ruby via RVM and missing openssl


I had problem with running capistrano after I switched to RVM (ruby version manager) on Centos 5. It was complaining about missing support of OpenSSL.

Quick install of XHProf for Debian Squeeze

php debian xhprof

XHProf is PHP profiler that was originally made by facebook for profiling in production environment, and I actually thinks it's way better than the Xdebug and webgrind combination.

How to install capistrano on Centos 5

centos capistrano

We have had some problems installing capistrano on our centos 5 virtual machines.

Upgrading Ruby gems to 1.3.2 on Centos 5

centos ruby gems

Centos 5 are pretty restrictive when it comes to adding new packages into the repositories. So at times you have to circumvent the yum's and do the builds yourself. That is if you rely on the packages you download and compile.

Vegetarisk Lasagne

recipe swedish

Här kommer receptet på en jättegod och mättande vegetarisk lasagne för ungefär 3-4 personer.


recipe swedish

Detta är en enkel och god kaka som är snabb och enkel att göra utan att behöva använda ugnen. De enda nackdelarna är att den inte är särskilt nyttigt och det är jobbigt att diska choklad och sockersmet från kastruller.

Kladdkaka a la Vanjis

recipe swedish

Här kommer den klassiska kladdkakan med glasyr.

Favorit Kladdkaka

recipe swedish

Det här är en vanlig basic kladdkaka som jag hittade receptet till för fem år sen. Den innehåller lite mindre fett, men mer socker än den som jag brukade göra.

Hudson and Silverstripe for automated testing

silverstripe continous integration

Hudson CI is a continuous integration server software that basically is a glorified build script. With it you can take control over the quality of you code and make sure that every commit you do get measured according to the laws of quality.

Chili recept

recipe swedish

This is a recipe in swedish for a texas chili, without the beans and a lot of tequilas and beers.

Adding table indexes on Silverstripe DataObjects


Indexes can the database make some queries faster. In this post I'll explain how to add them to a SilverStripe site.

Silverstripe DBProfiler


-- This module is currently getting rewritten as a SilverStripe 3.0 module, I recommend having a look at silverstripe-profiler instead. --

Deploying Silverstripe with Capistrano

silverstripe capistrano

This is my take on making how to deploy the PHP CMS Silverstripe with Capistrano when using GIT as a versioning system.

PHP Timer


I made a small PHP Timer because I always ended up googling the code instead of writing it.