The evolution of car sizes


Recently I've been re-watching some of the old Pink Panther movies with Peter Sellers. The movies are made in the 60 - 70's and staged in Europe. What struck me is that the cars are so small. In one shot I saw the cars going around the Champs-Élysées and they were small.

We're talking toy cars, a third of the size of a hummer and most likely half the size of normal car of today. I can't see the reason why they actually had a backseat, unless the owner had kids or flexible friends. But what drives the evolution of cars to make them bigger?

Perhaps what I'm noticing is some sort of evolutionary arms race. We humans are the predators of the docile cars and it has forced them to grow bigger in defense of malpractices from the human herders.

Another idea is that cars and humans lives in a symbiotic relationship. They grow big to make us feel comfortable in them and give them gas and change tires when the season changes.

The biggest problem (pun not intended) that I see is that the cars grows so big that they may not be able to fly. I want my rockets car, and I want it soon. This must end.