Securing this website

This site is secured by SSL. This means that it should be safe from anyone snooping and/or changing the conversation between your browser and the server this site is served from (unless you ignored any ssl warnings).

The reasons I have SSL for this site are two:

The first reason is all communcation between my computer and the webserver goes through a lot of routers. Anyone of these routers can sniff my password if it's over the unsecure http protocol. When I'm writing this there are 17 computers between me and The risks are even higher when the traffic is going over a free wifi.

Second reason is that I want more people to expect that every site they visit should be served over https. This is the only solution that works over the public internet today.

Anyway, I had to remove the "Disqus 2012" from the comments, since they can't serve that securely. That means that some comments are hidden. They will be back when they've fixed the issue.

To set this up I followed the instructions and suggestions from Living with HTTPS and getting a free SSL certificate from StartSSL was ridiculously easy and painfree. Win!