DVD regions must die


In my naivety I bought the first season of Spin City from Amazon-dot-com. What I should I thought before I pressed the buy button was: "O gee, I shouldn't do this, because US of A is in another DVD region."

So that means effectively that I paid money for someone to ship some oversized shiny coasters over half the world to me.

It has nothing to do with piracy protection. It's some weird market segmentation tactic going on here, protecting the rights holders from that DVD's might be cheaper in China than in Paris.

I more or less had it with this bullshit. I can barely legally buy and download movies. I definitely can't buy TV-show episodes from outside of USA.

If it was easier and cheaper to get great food at home than it was to get great food at a restaurant, would you eat out as often, or at all? A bit weird comparison, but nevertheless; DVD regions must die.