My thoughts on bread


I grew up in a family where there always were some homemade pastries, buns and bread in the freezer and the pantry. I used to steal cinnamon buns from the freezer and hide the evidence around the house. Frozen buns are still a delicacy for me.

Another delicacy for me is unbaked bun dough with remonce (butter and sugar). My mother used to let me have some small pieces and it gave me a terrible ache in the stomach. Even today I am eating "raw" bun dough. My girlfriend thinks I am weird and I guess that it is true in some way. But even writing about it makes me salivate and my stomach churn. 

But I think that there is some magical about a flour dough. Mix flour, water and salt with some yeast and let it rest. After a while you have a puffy ball that is ready to put in the oven. After about 40 minutes in the oven you have the most amazing piece of food item.

But making delicious bread is hard and I have a huge respect for all bakers. I believe that bread might be the most important food for the humanity and they who master the craft of making bread earns my everlasting respect. Cooking food and baking is also artisan crafts. The only way of learning is to do it and failing over and over again. There are no shortcuts to knowledge. Do something, evaluate what you just did and the start over again.

Good bread is also a commodity these days. Going to a supermarket or a convenience  store with a lust for a perfectly crusted piece of bread will leave you with a sad feeling. Naturally, as many other food items, don't last  many days. But the bread in the store can strangely last weeks. How long a product can be edible after manufacturing is what ultimately decides how much money you can earn on it. 

Soft white bread is naturally only edible a few days so the techniques to get bread last is pretty horrible and includes weird techniques and ingredients. That kind of bread should only contain flour of any kind (not processed), Water, salt, yeast and maybe some spices. Take a quick glance at the ingredients when you're buying bread next time. Quite amazing how many ingredients they are using.