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Removing SilverStripe tmpdb's


I did miss this little pearl that was supplied from Will Rossiter that I've missed even though I've been working with the SilverStripe for a couple of years now.

Dependency injection in SilverStripe

silverstripe design patterns

A couple of weeks ago I did a talk at the Wellington SilverStripe meetup about dependency injection.

Customize TinyMCE for SilverStripe CMS


DISCLAIMER: This doesn't work as you would expect it in SilverStripe 3.*.

Deploying Silverstripe with Capistrano

silverstripe capistrano

This is my take on making how to deploy the PHP CMS Silverstripe with Capistrano when using GIT as a versioning system.

Hudson and Silverstripe for automated testing

silverstripe continous integration

Hudson CI is a continuous integration server software that basically is a glorified build script. With it you can take control over the quality of you code and make sure that every commit you do get measured according to the laws of quality.

Silverstripe DBProfiler


-- This module is currently getting rewritten as a SilverStripe 3.0 module, I recommend having a look at silverstripe-profiler instead. --

Adding table indexes on Silverstripe DataObjects


Indexes can the database make some queries faster. In this post I'll explain how to add them to a SilverStripe site.