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PHP Mergesort


This is an example of a method that sorts an array in a stable way.

PHP Timer


I made a small PHP Timer because I always ended up googling the code instead of writing it.

Install XHProf for PHP5 on Centos, Ubuntu and Debian

php centos debian xhprof ubuntu

XHProf is a PHP profiling tool that was develop by and for Facebook. It's fast and very efficient. It has a small footprint and can be used in production environments.

Finding LDAP nested group membership in PHP

php ldap

I found the solution to the question: "Are a user member of group in a Microsoft LDAP directory tree?". This can be a bit tricky if the user does not have an direct relationship to that group.

Yet another migration

php upgrade

I've done some minor updates to this site and migrated, for maybe the

PHP Cropping, two year later

php crop open-source

summary of what happened with my social experiement

Quick install of XHProf for Debian Squeeze

php debian xhprof

XHProf is PHP profiler that was originally made by facebook for profiling in production environment, and I actually thinks it's way better than the Xdebug and webgrind combination.