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Ruby via RVM and missing openssl


I had problem with running capistrano after I switched to RVM (ruby version manager) on Centos 5. It was complaining about missing support of OpenSSL.

Install XHProf for PHP5 on Centos, Ubuntu and Debian

php centos debian xhprof ubuntu

XHProf is a PHP profiling tool that was develop by and for Facebook. It's fast and very efficient. It has a small footprint and can be used in production environments.

How to install capistrano on Centos 5

centos capistrano

We have had some problems installing capistrano on our centos 5 virtual machines.

Upgrading Ruby gems to 1.3.2 on Centos 5

centos ruby gems

Centos 5 are pretty restrictive when it comes to adding new packages into the repositories. So at times you have to circumvent the yum's and do the builds yourself. That is if you rely on the packages you download and compile.